Conservative Achievements for veterans

Those are the achievements the former conservative gorvernemnt did for veterans:

  • We have increased the amount spent supporting each Veteran by 35%.
  • We always made investments to improve frontline services for Canadian Military Veterans.
  • Creating a network of 25+ front-line mental health clinics across Canada and 31 integrated personnel support centres.
  • New Retirement Income Security Benefit. (At least 70% of pre-retirement income, and creation of a lifelong pension).
  • Up to $100,000 for each injured Military Veteran who needs vocational rehabilitation, education and training.
  • New Family Caregiver Relief Benefit. (More than $7,000 annually tax free).
  • New Critical Injury Benefit. ($70,000 tax-free).
  • Improving the Permanent Impairment Allowance.
  • Improving the Earnings Loss Benefit.
  • Hiring hundreds of new case managers and new front line staff to improve processing times.
  • Creating world class service dog and horse therapy standards for all Veterans who need them.