Action Needed on Canada’s Addiction Crisis Now

Right now, there is a national crisis that is affecting Canadian communities from coast to coast to coast. And it is something that must be addressed now.

It is Canada’s addictions crisis. This addictions crisis is leading to more and more opioid overdoses, taking the lives of loved ones, friends, and family. Methamphetamine addictions are rampant across the country.

In talking with members of our community, it is clear that we must do better than the status quo.

That responsibility falls in part to our political leaders, including the Prime Minister. Conservatives believe that, given the opportunity and appropriate supports, Canadians who struggle with addictions can recover.

Unfortunately, Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government has failed to put forward a plan to tackle Canada’s addiction crisis.

It is time for this federal government to deliver a comprehensive, recovery-oriented plan to tackle Canada’s addictions crisis.