Conservative Party Leader, Mr. Andrew Scheer names Alupa Clarke Shadow Minister for Official Languages and La Francophonie


QUEBEC CITY, QC – Alupa Clarke, Member of Parliament for Beauport – Limoilou, is honoured to accept the role of Shadow Cabinet Minister for Official Languages and La Francophonie.

“2019 is an important year for Official Languages Minority Communities and for Canadians across the federation. In fact, this year is the 50th anniversary of the Official Languages Act, when French and English were declared to be Canada’s official languages and to have equal status across our great federation.”

“Since 1867, linguistic duality has constituted the keystone of the Canadian identity. The Act institutionalizes this identity and sets the precedent for Official Languages Minority Communities. It represents their rights guaranteed both quasi-constitutionally, and also their ability to legally defend their existence. It’s for these reasons that we, as elected representatives, and federal political parties have a duty to update this law, especially given the consensus by stakeholders. It is what the Conservative Government did under Brian Mulroney in 1988. Essentially, we need to move forward with the modernization without postponing it any longer. That is why I’m looking forward to presenting my plan for modernizing the Official Languages Act.”

“It’s disheartening to watch the Liberals, and Minister Joly, stall for so long and fail to present any government bill to accomplish the modernization before the upcoming election. It’s obvious that the Minister and the Liberal Party have no intention of accomplishing anything on this front. Yet the Official Languages Minority Communities have repeatedly and publicly called on the Government to announce the modernization of the Act as soon as possible.”

“Our leader, Andrew Scheer has therefore entrusted me with this crucial file. More than ever, we need to see a meaningful modernization of the Official Languages Act.”

“Canadians, and especially our Official Languages Minority Communities, can be assured that under Andrew Scheer’s leadership, our Conservative Party will ensure that the Official Languages Act is modernized.”


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