Listening to Quebeckers Tour

The Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, the Honorable Andrew Scheer, along with
the Conservative caucus of Quebec, today presented a first round of policies that are a result of consultations across the province since April 2018.

Over the last few months our leader, fellow MPs including myself, have met our constituents across Quebec. I have had three round tables here in our riding. The purpose of these consultations was to help us determine how the next Conservative government will be able to ensure that Quebeckers’ views will be better reflected in the policies of the federal government.

The Conservative leader, the political lieutenant for Quebec, Alain Rayes as well as the entire Quebec caucus team have conducted inclusive and positive meetings with citizens and stakeholders from all walks of life. These consultations were at the heart of our Positive Conservative Plan for Canada, putting people ahead of the government.

We have received a very large number of concrete and achievable proposals that will benefit Quebeckers. We would like to thank all those who submitted their proposals to us.

The plan of our Conservative Party for Quebec is based on five themes:

  1. Simplify the lives of Quebeckers by introducing a single tax return;
  2. Provide incentives for retirees who wish to return to the labor market;
  3. Respect Quebec by giving the province more autonomy in immigration matters;
  4. End the discharge of wastewater into rivers; and,
  5. Appoint a Québec Minister of Economic Development Canada and appoint a Quebec Political Minister.

We are always listening to Quebeckers and this first step in the unveiling of our political proposal clearly demonstrates this. Over the next few months, I will continue to visit the four corners of my riding to present our program to citizens.

Our leader Andrew Scheer, our entire Conservative team and I are committed to putting all these measures in place. Quebeckers can count on us to defend them in Ottawa and to give them the place they deserve in Canadian Confederation.