Liberals Letting Down Canadian Farm Families

Canada’s canola industry is the latest victim of Justin Trudeau’s weak leadership on the world stage. Since the news broke that China would be banning all imports of Canadian canola, the Liberals have failed to take decisive action and restore the Canada-China canola trade.

Andrew Scheer has put forward a plan to defend Canada’s canola sector and stand up to China. Conservatives have repeatedly called on Justin Trudeau to appoint an Ambassador to China and launch a formal World Trade Organization complaint against China. Canada’s Conservatives have also committed to pulling a quarter billion dollars from the Asian Infrastructure Bank – a bank that helps build roads and pipelines in China.

The Liberal response to these requests has been to sit on their hands and do nothing. While farm families are worried if they will have enough money at the end of the season to get by, Justin Trudeau does nothing. His lack of leadership on this file is embarrassing.

Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives will continue to stand up for Canada’s world class agriculture sector and take decisive action to restore Canada’s canola trade with China.