Trudeau’s energy policies failing hardworking Canadians

Justin Trudeau has launched an all-out attack on Canada’s energy sector. From the Liberal Carbon Tax to the anti-pipeline Bill C-69, he’s taking more money out of the pockets of hardworking, honest families while creating a jobs crisis, with over 100,000 oil and gas workers out of a job.

Meanwhile, his policies have done absolutely nothing for the environment. The Liberals have completely missed their Paris targets. Worst of all, it’s at the expense of everyday Canadians. 92% of the Liberal Carbon Tax is paid by Canadians. Only 8% is paid by Canada’s largest emitters.

Canada’s Conservatives believe in supporting everyday Canadians, not punishing them. Our Leader, Andrew Scheer, recently spoke of his plan for our country to be energy independent by 2030.

To achieve this, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer announced his intention to pursue a single energy corridor. This would help minimize environmental impacts and assessments, increase certainty for investors, and most importantly, get critical pipeline projects built.

Justin Trudeau’s disastrous energy plans have failed Canadian families and our energy sector. Under the leadership of Andrew Scheer, the Conservatives will stand up for oil and gas workers and all Canadians.