2018 is Justin Trudeau’s Year of Failure

Canada’s Conservatives have been hard at work this year, holding Justin Trudeau to account for his many failures. Justin Trudeau’s failure to build pipelines has created a national economic crisis that threatens tens of thousands of jobs.  ... Full Article

Trudeau budget fails Canadians

The release of the latest federal Liberal budget makes one thing clear: Justin Trudeau is good at making promises but he fails to deliver for Canadians, despite a strong global economy. Justin Trudeau promised Canadians that he would borrow a ... Full Article

Local business needs our support, not higher taxes

Canada’s local businesses deserve some respect from their government. After all, they’re the backbone of our economy. Most local business owners are middle class Canadians — the people who put their time, effort, and sweat into paying ... Full Article

Illegal Border Crossings Spiking

The number of illegal border crossings into Canada by asylum seekers continues to rise with each passing day. Without a doubt, the Conservative Party wants to see an immigration and refugee system that is compassionate and open to all of those ... Full Article

Conservatives have a positive vision for lower taxes

Even if you’ve never voted Conservative before, you probably know that Conservatives support lowering taxes as a way to help Canadians and our economy. But maybe you don’t know “why” we support lower taxes. We believe that there is more ... Full Article

Bigger bills in store for Canadians this summer

As your families prepare to relax and enjoy their upcoming summer, the Liberal government is patiently awaiting their tax-hike awards. Instead of alleviating costs for middle class families, the Liberal government has decided to raise them. So, ... Full Article