Canada’s volunteer awards

Nominate a volunteer today!

A number of people and organisations contribute to improving their communties and all share the goal of improving things.

That’s why the Canada volunteer awards are there: to recognise the personal investment of organisations, businesses and volunteers. in their community.

The awards also enable volunteers to return the favour, as those selected for the 2017 edition of the program will have an opportunity to choose a non-profit organisation that will receive a subsidy of 5000 or 10 000$.These sums will allow the implementation of positive change and reinforce the generous nature of Canada. Submitting a nominee is a great step towards recognising the impact that volunteering has in your area.

As part of Canada’s 150th anniversary, the program seeks to also recognise the involvement of young people and their contributions to community service. Therefore, the category for “Emerging leader”  has been modified to include 5 regional prizes rather than a single national prize. More young volunteers will be rewarded for their hard work and contribution to improving their community.

If you know a volunteer, a non-profit organisation or a business that stands out in doing their part to improve their community, make sure to show your recognition by nominating them for the Canada volunteer awards.

For furhter information and to submit your nominee, check out the website or contact our riding office. The deadline for submissions is February 3rd 2017.

Help support community involvement in your area today by submitting a nominee!