Welcome to our section that explains many Governmental Programs. You will find below a list of the most common programs with key information. This is a formost federal financial aid to local cultural initiatives. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions of any kind about a particular program.

◾Communities developpement through arts and heritage

As part of festivals and other events and activities, the Communities developpement through Arts and Heritage program allows local groups to celebrate the history and heritage of their locality and can offer many opportunities to local artists and artisans to engage in their community.

◾Jobs for Youth Canada

Jobs for Youth Canada (JYC), is an initiative to the Youth Employment Strategy, from the federal government. It offers students and young graduates an early career experience, income that helps finance their studies and help them in navigating threw their professional life. The program is in partnership with many cultural organizations.

◾1812 War Commemoration Fund

The 1812 War Memorial Fund is a three-year funding initiative that ends March 31, and is managed by Heritage Canada.

◾Canada’s Art Presentation Fund (formerly Arts Presentation Canada)

The Canada’s Art Presentation Fund offers canadians a direct access to many artistic novelty that funds artistic organizations and other organizations that helps them.

◾Celebrate Canada – How to get Funds

Heritage Canada provides financial support for activities that take place during the period of the Celebrate Canada event, from June 21st  to July 1st. These activities celebrate overall National Aboriginal Day on June 21st, Quebec day on June 24th, the Canadian Multiculturalism Day on June 27th and Canada Day on July 1st.

◾New horizons

The New Horizons is a Seniors Program also called NHSP, is a federal program of grants and contributions that supports projects led or inspired by seniors who want to have a positive influence on the lives of others in their communities.

◾Skills Connection Project

Skills Connection Project is one of three program components of the Youth Employment Strategy. This is a client-centered program that provides funding for employers and organizations to provide them with eligible activities for youth facing emplopyement barriers.

◾Career goal

The Career Focus program is one of three components of the Youth Employment Strategy. It helps Canadians aged between 15 and 30 years old who have a postsecondary degree to get professional experience. It also help them get specialized in many fields. And then again, it offers them opportunities that they would need to be ready to the labor market and become leaders in their field.

◾From the Regiment to the Buildings

The, From the Regiment to the Buildings program (FRB) offers jobs to veterans that wish to make a transition to a civilian career either from the Regular Force or the Reserve. The program provides the necessary training to get the status of Companion in the trades of the construction industry included in the program. Depending on qualifications and previous experience, the apprenticeship training can be shortened to allow obtaining the Companion status faster.

◾Citizenship ceremony

Citizenship and Immigration Canada has introduced a guide to better organize the swearing-in ceremony event. The citizenship ceremony is the moment that marks the official transition of a foreigner to joign the Canadian family.